What to do at the beach

The bathing establishments provide their guests with all kind of services: sun beds, beach umbrellas, huts, toilets and showers. 

Some areas on the beach are reserved to children for their fun in complete safety; for adults and young people’s enjoyment there are many opportunities from water sports to activities on the beach.

The beach is the place where you can cultivate your sports passions and regenerate your body with a great variety of proposals for toning up and improving your physique. You can find lots of animation and fitness points to practice any kind of sports on the sand, to express your passions.



Beach Tennis

Beach tennis is one of most spread sports on Riccione beaches: challenges between groups of bathers are very trendy, so on with big rackets and flat tennis balls!


  • Riccione Beach Arena, viale Torino near bathing establisments 39/40 - tel. no. +39 334 7288435 - Website

  • Beach Volley and Beach Tennis courts by Tennis Club Riccione, via Forlimpopoli 3 - Tel. no. + 39 0541 643684 -Website


Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a new trend that is quickly spreading all over the world. From Finland, the country where it was born, to Australia and from China to the United States, there are millions of people practising it, on the beach too. For further information turn to:

Canoeing and Deep-sea diving

On the shore of Riccione there are several canoe and kayak hiring points, usually linked to schools.

Deep-sea divers can turn to diving clubs, where experienced instructors can introduce to the mysteries of sea depths. For further information turn to:

  • Polisportiva Comunale Riccione - diving club, via Forlimpopoli 15/4 - Tel. no. + 39 0541 643559 - Website

  • Sub Riccione Gian Neri ASD diving club - Contacts: Luca Ravaioli tel. no. + 39 333 4200415 - Website


Nautical Clubs, Sailing and Windsurf schools, kite surf

Riccione is the ideal spot for those who want to learn the seafaring arts, particularly sailing. The coloured sails of catamarans, windsurf boards and keels stand out and characterize the sea skyline. Qualified instructors of nautical clubs propose simple recipes in which theory and practice are perfectly mixed, suiting the characteristics of those who enroll, from the beginner to the fully developed athlete.


  • Centro Velico Città di Riccione (sailing centre) - by bathing establishment no 24 - Tel. no. + 39 380 255 5513 (nautical sports and sailing) - Website

  • Club Nautico Riccione, (nautical club) viale D'Annunzio 4/a - Tel. no. +39 0541 647910 (nautical and sailing courses) - WebsiteE mail

  • Riccione 151 H20 Sports, (sea sports centre) via Manfroni - Tel. no. +39 0541 648734 (kitesurf, windsurf, sailing, SUP) - Website 

  • Vela Club Marano, (sailing club) viale D'Annunzio 146 - Tel. no. +39 338 4718697; +39 338 8062991 (kitesurf, windsurf, sailing) - Website



Blennius is a local association with the main aim of monitoring and preserving the coast, the marine fauna and flora from the phenomena of erosion and pollution. It cooperates with local private and public enterprises. It organises diving excursions and snorkelling activities in order to know deeper the Adriatic sea world.

Watch the documentary film ​


Water scooters, water skiing, rubber dinghies

Water scooters dart on the waves at around 60 kms/hour, skim the sea in chilling curves and zoom in daring acrobatics!
For the more athletic ones there are water skiing and paraflying; those who only want to have fun in group can try bananaboat.


  • Beach village, near bathing establishment no 134 viale d'Annunzio 150 - Tel. no. + 39 0541 648801 - Website

  • Gommonauta, seaside rental by bathing establisments no. 48 - Tel. no. + 39 339 395 7099 (water scooters, sailing boats, canoes, windsurf boards, rubber dinghies) - Website


Stand Up Paddling - SUP

SUP has its roots in Hawaii, where all board sports began. It uses a surf style board and a long paddle: in a certain way it can be considered as a cross between caoeing and surfing. 

Places where you can practice SUP:

  • Bathing establishment no 97 - Website 

  • Bathin establisment no 151 - Website

  • Vela Club Marano, sailing club - Website


Course of piadina cooking on the beach

Dorina, a female bathing attendant since 1946, together with her daughters will teach you how to cook the famous “Piadina” from Romagna, a kind of flat bread made with white flour, lard or olive oil, salt and water. 
At the bathing establishment no.97 you can take part into the course of Piadina cooking: every participant (for a maximum of ten participants a time) will wear an apron, a cap, and get the tools necessary to preapre and cook piadina. At the end of the course every participant will receive six cooked “piadina”, the original recipe, a certificate of attendance, a bottle of “Sangiovese” red wine and two pictures of this event.

Information at bathing establisment no 97 website 


Beach safety tips

1. Do not swim or enter deep water unless you are in good physical conditions.
2. Be extremely careful in the water, even though you may be an excellent swimmer.
3. Enter the water gradually when very overheated by long sunbathing. Dip gradually into the water by wetting first the nape of your neck, then your abdomen and chest. Do not enter the water if you have had a sunstroke.
4. After eating do not swim until you have digested your food well.

5. Do not enter the water when the red flag meaning dangerous sea conditions is raised.
6. Do not enter the water when the sea is rough, or the water is very cold, or the water temperature is much lower than the air temperature.
7. If you cannot swim stay in shallow water and near a person who can swim well.
8. Ask the lifeguard for any information you need.

9.Follow the instructions and rules of the ordinances concerning beach activities.
10 Do not disturb others by creating din, playing noisily, listening to radio at high volume; Do not take animals on the beach; Do not pitch tents, light fires or camp on the beach.


The name (in local pronunciation Arcaton) comes from the Greek and Byzantine occupation dated back to the sixth century AD: "Archeion" is the name of a plant, the burr, which still grows spontaneously in some areas of the beach now occupied by the bathing establishments but which was once abundant on the desert shore of Riccione.

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