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The magic of thermal waters, hot baths, relaxation for the mind and the body. All this is wellness in Riccione.


Thanks to its thermal springs, Riccione Terme spa centre offers health and beauty treatments. Its facilities are immersed in a beautiful natural park. Perle d'Acqua Park is just few steps from the beach and attracts visitors with open air pools and revitalizing hydropaths.

Riccione Terme 

Precious spring waters rich in sulphur, bromine, iodine, sodium chloride and magnesium are used for inhalations, mud baths, massages, and rhinogenous deafness. A leading medical equipe employs them for cure and prevention, along with mud matured in thermal water, with real and visible results.

Riccione Terme

Viale Torino, 4/16

Tel: +39 0541 602201


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Oasi Spa by Riccione Terme

The right place for getting rid of stress thanks to personalized aesthetic treatments and the Thermal Sensory Path.


The Wellness Beach

Spiaggia del Benessere (zone 49 - 50) is the only beach in Riccione with Pool, Hydro-massage and Vascular Treatment Paths with Hot Springs. The hot springs come from Riccione Terme spa centre.
Apart from the regular services provided by seaside facilities, the wellness beach offers a series of specific services for wellness:

- Bio-gym
- Vascular Treatment Path
- Pool with Hot Springs



Corallo Bay by Hotel Corallo

Viale Gramsci, 113

Tel. no. + 39 0541 600147


Aquaspa by Hotel Luna

Viale Ariosto 5

Tel: + 39 0541 692150 


Belvedere Spa & Beauty by Hotel Belvedere

Viale Gramsci 95

Tel: + 39 0541 601506 

Crystal Oasis by Hotel Boemia

Viale Gramsci, 87

Tel. no. + 39 0541 697082


Le Ninfe Spa by Hotel Select

Viale Gramsci, 89

Tel. +39 0541 600613


Aqua Wellness Centre by Hotel Dory

Via Puccini n 4

Tel: + 39 0541 642896 

Many other hotels are equipped with smaller areas dedicated to relaxing and wellbeing and furnished with sauna, hydro-massage tub, equipped gym, sun terrace. 


The name (in local pronunciation Arcaton) comes from the Greek and Byzantine occupation dated back to the sixth century AD: "Archeion" is the name of a plant, the burr, which still grows spontaneously in some areas of the beach now occupied by the bathing establishments but which was once abundant on the desert shore of Riccione.

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