Family friendly

Riccione is the ideal holiday for all the family.

The well-equipped bath establishments on the beach welcome the young guests with sports and recreational activities, games and babysitting service, entertainment and baby club.

A safe sea allows everyone to enjoy a quiet and relaxing holiday.

The accommodations in Riccione, along with the so-called Family Hotels, offer families and children special services suitable to meet even the youngest’s need.

In Riccione it is impossible to get bored thanks to its several opportunities of fun and entertainment.

A visit to one of the more active sealife protection centres, the Fondazione Cetacea and Turtle Hospital, a non-profit centre, is a wonderful and emotional occasion for adults and children to discover the sealife.

In town a rich calendar of unique events is dedicated to children and teenagers all the year round, from music to sport, entertainment and theatre performances.

For those who love an active holiday, several pedestrian and cycling paths are at their disposal in town and lead to the discover of the Riccione from the seashore to the old borgo Paese, from the Liberty villas in the south of the town to the Marano park in the north, from downtown to the hills all around.

A promenade towards the large public park Della Resistenza (via Monterosa) gives the opportunities to enjoy refreshing and relaxing moments in the greenery.

A tour on boards of the colourful Lilliputian Trains, which go along the streets of the town, gives families a fun option to visit Riccione while a boatride leads the visitor to see the seashore and appreciate its sealife from an amazing point of view.


The name (in local pronunciation Arcaton) comes from the Greek and Byzantine occupation dated back to the sixth century AD: "Archeion" is the name of a plant, the burr, which still grows spontaneously in some areas of the beach now occupied by the bathing establishments but which was once abundant on the desert shore of Riccione.

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