24 November 2018 - 24 January 2019

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Vari luoghi della città. Villaggio di Natale in viale Ceccarini e viale Dante, inizio di viale Gramsci

Riccione Ice Carpet

The ice skating rink in viale Dante (from viale Ceccarini to piazzale Ceccarini), the great Christmas tree, the house of Santa Claus, street performances, from 24th November till 24th January.

Riccione Ice Carpet is the Christmas format that leads the city and its guests through two months of events and performances arranged inside a special setting.

The most famous street, viale Ceccarini, turns into a kind of open-air arcade, dotted with a shower of small lights that overlooks the green of pine trees and a wood of plants and bushes. On the walk, a thin white carpet turns into ice, when it crosses the ice skating rink that starts in Viale Dante and extends up to the performances’ arena of Piazzale Ceccarini. Riccione Ice Carpet’s Christmas village is dedicated to high quality shopping: the typical small beach cabins have been installed on the white carpet to offer handcrafted items, excellent food and wine, special local products.




A calendar full of events and appointments that until 24th January offers entertainment and performances of high quality, selected to reach a wide audience, ranging from every age to any target. Radio DEEJAY signs the big events of New Year’s Eve with DEEJAY On Ice format, the winter edition of  the very popular event DEEJAY On Stage. Three dates have been planned by the Radio team for the audience of Riccione, on the 30th and 31st of December and 1st of January, for a totally new project, modulated over several days and for different kinds of audience.


Not to be missed: 26th December, the comedian Paolo Cevoli features a personal interpretation of the Bible; 29th December, the piano player and composer Giovanni Allevi performs the traditional Christmas Wishes Concert.


The range of Christmas events goes on with theatre performances, movies, art exhibitions, conferences, sports and entertainment for the younger ones. The Ice Carpet event calendar enhances with the theatre season of Spazio Tondelli and with the art exhibitions set up at Villa Mussolini and Villa Franceschi. This year too, the festival of choirs is back, with concerts by leading voices and groups from the local territory.


The new year begins with urban dance performances by the Mc Hip Hop Contest and goes on with the traditional Italian party dedicated to the little old woman called Befana, in Riccione uptown.



The name (in local pronunciation Arcaton) comes from the Greek and Byzantine occupation dated back to the sixth century AD: "Archeion" is the name of a plant, the burr, which still grows spontaneously in some areas of the beach now occupied by the bathing establishments but which was once abundant on the desert shore of Riccione.

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