Villa Mussolini

The Villa Mussolini was built in 1890 and was originally the Villa Margherita. It lay on the seafront and had a direct access to the beach from the garden. It had two floors with a turret on the east side near the entrance.
In the 30s Mussolini’s wife, Donna Rachele, decided to buy a holiday house in Riccione and she chose this building situated along Viale Milano and between the town gardens and the Promenade Lungomare della Libertà.
The renamed Villa Mussolini took part in the history of tourism of ufficio culturaRiccione between the two World Wars, when famous people, foreign politicians and diplomats were welcomed at the villa. The villa hosted many events and parties during that time.
The property was enlarged to six thousand square meters when the Mussolini's decided to build the house for their sons, Bruno and Vittorio.
After the Second World War, the spotlights on the villa were off. The villa became a state property since, according to the law, every property of the Fascism could not be sold but passed directly to the State.
The villa also housed a restaurant from 1976 to 1983, when the Municipality decided to buy the garden and create a public green area.
In 1997 The Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini Foundation bought the rest of the property which was later given as free commodatum to the Municipality of Riccione, which undertook to restore the villa.
Villa Mussolini is now the place where cultural events concerning the history and documentation of tourism on the Adriatic Coast are organized.


Villa Mussolini
Lungomare della Repubblica
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